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Home cooking is not just a way to enjoy good food, at Cookpad we believe that we can give people more reasons to enjoy everyday life if we just turn the everyday “chore” of cooking into a fun and exciting activity. Our mission is to make everyday cooking fun.




Meet our team

In Cookpad Indonesia we are looking to attract highly talented, committed and motivated engineers in this new really exciting phase of our project. We form part of the Cookpad Group and our mission is to make everyday cooking fun. Cookpad is the World's largest cooking recipe internet service with more than 2 million recipes and more than 50 million unique users. In 2013 Cookpad went global.
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UX Researcher Indonesia

About Cookpad Cookpad is a tech company building a community platform that enables people to share recipe ideas and cooking tips. It’s a global platform used by on average around 100 million people every month across the world. Over 4 million recipes have been created by people in almost 70 countries. And we’re only just […]

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